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 Efforts of public sector in urban housing development

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Efforts of public sector in urban housing development Empty
PostSubject: Efforts of public sector in urban housing development   Efforts of public sector in urban housing development EmptyMon Feb 21, 2011 1:55 pm

The provision of adequate shelter to the poor still remains a serious challenge in our country and especially in the state of Kerala.  Plan after plan, the problem of shelter for all multiplies with no solution in sight.  Some of the earliest housing schemes introduced by the government were: Integrated subsidized housing schemes for economically weaker sections, schemes for industrial workers (1952), plantation workers (1956), etc. 
Further, the schemes for slum clearance and improvement were also introduced during the Second Five-year Plan (1956).  During the same period the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) had launched a scheme to provide loans to the Middle Income Group (MIG) for building houses.  All these efforts proved to be half-hearted attempts in solving the problem of housing. 
However, it was only during the fifth five-year plan did the government realize the importance of a comprehensive policy for housing development and accordingly the social housing schemes were introduced by the central and state governments.  Thus it helped to widen the role of both the government and non-governmental organizations. 
When considering the proliferation of Apartments in Cochin witnessed a different type of development in earlier times, when the private builders were not given much freedom to operate.  In those times, the government controlled housing development agencies developed apartments, but they had fewer takers mainly due to the fact that such structures were custom made and never satisfied the intimate needs of a vast section of the people who had no roof over their head.
The present fast paced developments in Cochin is mainly due to the freedom given to the private sector.  The public sector is present in the housing scene, just for namesake.  It is not involved in any of the major developments.  It’s role is now limited to that of a facilitator and a moderator than that of a builder.
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Efforts of public sector in urban housing development
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